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What is a Carpass?

The carpass is the credit card sized piece of card that should have been supplied with your car. It contains, depending on factory options, your mechanical key number, your immobiliser PIN (required to program new remotes and transponders to the car), your radio code, and your CD Changer code.

If you do not have your carpass, they can be obtained from your dealer. You normally have to produce the V5. They normally have the codes on the next working day, although the actual card often takes a couple of weeks to come through.

If is worth trying different dealers, as I've found the price varies from 15 to 50

If you require new keys or transponders to be programmed to your car, or need the NCDC series audio equipment configured, this needs a carpass, as it cannot be done without the immobiliser PIN. We also ask for proof of ownership of the car as an additional security measure.