What is Tech2?
Price List

TheBoy's Tech2 Services Pricelist
Single System DTC Read105
All Systems DTC Read2010
SRS/Airbag reset2010
MID reprogram3015
NCDC Code discoveryN/A30Only available to OOF Members. 20 if used in conjunction with Pair/Depair option below
GID/CID pair/depair4530Carpass required, and new items in Delivery Mode
Climate Control reprogram2515
Cruise Enable4530
Gearbox Update4530Mini facelift or Facelift only
Gearbox Update (by post)5540GS820 ECU only,limited time availability
Single Key Program2015Carpass and proof of ownership required
Multiple Key Program3520Carpass and proof of ownership required
Gearbox/Climate updates & All Systems DTC check/reset6040
Gearbox/Climate updates,cruise enable & All Systems DTC check/reset8050

1 Standard Price
2 Special price for Omega Owners Forum members with status of Junior Member or higher
We have 3 2 Tech2 machines in use, in addition to that owned by Hotel21:
TheBoy - Brackley on the Bucks/Oxon/Northants border.
Marks DTM Calib - Nottingham
Kevin Wood - Alton, Hampshire
Hotel21 - Fife, Scotland (prices may vary from above - PM Hotel21 for his prices)
Please PM any of us via Omega Owners Forum for further details.
Please note that Tech2 does cars from 1997 onwards, although it can deal with most pre-97 functions on the Omega except the IR remote locking, immobiliser, DDE 2.0 U25DT Engine ECU and some early 2.0l ECUs.
Please ensure you have a good battery and its fully charged - your ignition will need to be on for extended periods!